• An anti-theft backpack with tracker

    A US-based research team has developed a backpack called 'Ghost' with anti-theft features and built-in tracker in case it is misplaced. The ₹8,000 backpack made of seven layers has additional RFID blocking pockets for protection from hackers. It also has a built-in charger with pockets to allow users to charge their phones and laptops.

    Portable AC that runs on solar power

    Canada-based startup Coolala has developed a ₹46,000 portable air conditioner that runs on solar power. The air conditioner which comes with a 100-watt solar panel, claims to cool an area of up to 150 square feet and also provides an optional 40,000 mAh or 60,000 mAh power station. The portable AC lasts for around eight hours on a single charge.

    YouTube to MP3 conversion website shuts down

    YouTube to MP3 conversion site YouTube-mp3.org has agreed to shut down and transfer the site domain name to Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Last year, record labels like Sony Music, and UMG under RIAA sued the site for illegal downloads of YouTube videos. The lawsuit claimed the site was responsible for "upwards of 40 percent" of all illegal audio-ripping.

    Wear hat and listen to music, without earphones

    A US-based startup ZEROi has created a ₹8,000 Bluetooth-connected hat that lets users listen to music or make phone calls without earphones. It comes with four built-in bone conduction speakers that transfer sound to users' inner ear by transmitting sound waves through the bones in the skull. The water-resistant hat can last up to 5 hours on a single charge.

  • India’s first Bullet train is here

    India's first Bullet Train project, which was inaugurated today, 14 Sep, aims to reduce the Ahmedabad-Mumbai travel time from 7-8 hours to 2-3 hours. The train will pass through a 21-kilometre-long tunnel, the country's longest, 7 kilometres of which is under the sea. The ticket cost for the noise-free train, having a maximum speed of 350 kmph, could range between ₹2,500-₹3,000.

    You want Self-driving Taxis? We have Self-driving Trucks

    Google's self-driving car spinoff Waymo's CEO John Krafcik on Wednesday said that self-driving trucks may come to the market before taxis. Krafcik said the startup is looking at logistics and delivery models, but did not share details on its plan for goods transit service. Waymo has confirmed that it is testing a truck with self-driving software and sensors.

    This can hack your phone in 10 seconds!

    US-based security firm Armis has found a new Bluetooth bug called BlueBorne that can hack a phone in 10 seconds without touching it. The bug poses as a Bluetooth device and feeds malicious codes in the Bluetooth enabled phones. The attack can allow access to computers and phones, as well as IoT devices.

    OYO gets $10 million funding

    Gurugram-headquartered online hotel aggregator Oyo has raised $10 million in strategic funding from China-based hotel giant China Lodging. The startup will share its technological and operational expertise with China Lodging and work together on hotel sourcing and procurement, the company said in a statement. Oyo competes with online travel operators like MakeMyTrip and Yatra.